Significant Differences in Product Reviews

The reliability of product reviews depend on the source and criteria of the review. Independent review sites are not associated with any manufacturer or retailer. They do not receive advertising fees and are not providing information geared toward promotion of products. It is on those sites that customers will get unbiased and uncensored reviews. A complete idea of the performance of a product can be gleaned from reviews that may be good, bad, indifferent, or excellent. Reviewers are encouraged to be as honest as possible, and as specific as they can when leaving reviews.

Affiliate websites and blog sites provide reviews as well. The difference is that those sites receive advertising fees in exchange for links to manufacturers and retailers. That does not mean the information is not accurate, it only indicates an ulterior motive for including reviews. Many blog sites counteract that bias by including what information reviews are based upon, and what criteria was used to determine rankings of products. The Top 5 Curling Iron Review found on, for example, clearly indicates it is based on rating from professional stylists and reviews from Criteria is listed as performance, durability, affordability, technology used to create the products, and the compatibility with a variety of hair types.

Visitors to the site are also informed that the site is affiliated with Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. There is no hidden agenda and no false pretenses. Visitors can decide if they are interested in the information, or if they would prefer to find an independent review site. Log sites typically have several product reviews, but also include valuable information regarding the topic. Articles, demonstration videos, detailed instructions, and how to tutorials are also included. Visitors are also encouraged to participate via comments, discussions, questions, and feedback. Whether sites are affiliated or not, the free information is available to anyone interested in that topic. Product reviews are just one aspect of the site. Review disclaimer pages, privacy policies, and cookie usage prior to remaining on a site to get a clear picture of the purpose of each site. Being aware of the differences in product reviews allows customers to decide upon which reviews to utilize for relevant products.