Forever With These Health Secrets

Many people from the Himalayas live past 100 years. And, they do this while feeling well and walking with few problems. Wouldn’t you like to know what these wise and healthy persons rely on?

Leave it to the native spices, plants, and fruits they’ve been relying on for thousands of years. Fortunately, the secret’s out and these natural healers are now available in other countries.

Here’s a list of 7 top Tibetan healing gifts from nature:

Live Longer With Goji Berries

This tasty, small red berry is known for helping the Himalayan population live 20 years longer than the rest of most of us. The goji berry is high in iron and vitamin C which helps the body absorb iron. It also contains essential amino acids. Drink goji juice daily or eat organic berries a few times a week. Find them at your local health food store. If they’re hard to find, have your grocer order them and freeze them so you can use them all year.

Heal Your Heart With Pomegranates

According to modern science, pomegranates, which grow wild in the Himalayas, contain natural substances that boost your heart’s health. Pomegranate juice is three times healthier than green tea and red wine. You will find it at your local supermarket in many different brands. Drink 2 ounces daily for an optimal effect.

Get To Sleep With This Herb

The Asian herb ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years to treat insomnia. It is just making its appearance and increasing in popularity in the West. One study proved that 100 mg taken before bedtime is effective for helping those who can’t sleep. Ashwagandha is also an adaptogen used for curbing the release of cortisol and controlling stress. So, it also helps relieve inflammation and improves the immune system.

Stop Anxiety And Welcome Peace With This Tree

The spicy, woodsy scent of the sandalwood tree has been used for centuries to reduce stress and eliminate anxiety and depression. Yogis even apply the essential oil to their third eye (middle of forehead) during deep meditation. They use it to cool an overstimulated mind. You can use a few drops of sandalwood essential oil in your diffuser at anytime, or relax with it in your bath.

Soothe Your Tummy With This Spice

Tame an upset stomach, stop gas and bloating, or soothe your digestive tract with cardamom. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of the ground spice in tea or coffee, and drink it 10 minutes before meals. It is found in most grocery stores.

Heal Your Skin With Neem

The people of the Himalayas bathe in warm water steeped with neem leaves to help heal rashes and wounds. Oil from the leaves of the neem tree has been used in Asia for over 2,000 years. Infuse your skin in neem by choosing health store bath products that contain it.

Glow With Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is the latest hit in natural skin care as an anti-aging winner. This Nepalese shrub bears the berries that are proven to stimulate skin-cell renewal and protect against the damaging rays of the sun. Sea buckthorn contains cell healing antioxidants and Omega-7, a renowned skin rejuvenator. To get glowing skin, use a moisturizer which contains sea buckthorn as a main ingredient. Pure sea buckthorn oil is also useful for preventing and reducing stretch marks.