Can Exercise Boost My Skin’s Health

The major reason for exercising is to improve muscle strength. However, according to research, there are other benefits to regular exercise than building six pack abs and strengthening your cardio. Studies suggest that regular exercise can boost the health of your skin. That means, when you exercise daily, you will not only build huge biceps, you will also improve your skin’s complexion.

How exercise benefits the skin is quite simple. When you exercise, you are improving circulation or blood, oxygen, and essential nutrients in your body. These three elements are vital for the growth of healthy skin cells. At the same time, physical activity causes you to sweat hard, which is also important since perspiring helps get rid of toxin from your body. It also helps clean your pores so that it is free from dirt, dead cells, and sebum or oil. Right after you exercise, make sure you wash your skin properly to completely get rid of bacteria and odor.

You have to understand that exercise can make you lose a huge amount of water in your body. Replace the lost amount of water so that you can maintain moisture both in your skin and in the other organs inside your body. If you feel you have lost a lot of water from exercising, you should drink at least four glasses of water. Doing so does not just quench your thirst, but also helps eliminate bodily wastes and toxins.

Not all people know this but exercise is not limited to improving one’s physical health. Exercise actually helps improve your emotional and mental health as well. Being physically active is one way to fight stress and depression. When you exercise, your body releases substances called endorphins. Endorphins are known to be “feel-good” hormones because of their ability to boost the mood. In fact, according to one study, 15 minutes of exercise in the morning is enough to keep you feeling good for the rest of your day.

It is true that exercise is important for keeping a healthy mind and body, but you have to make sure you are not pushing yourself to the limit when you are working out. Moderate exercise can help enhance the immune system, but an excess of it can result to the opposite. It’s very important to understand your physical limits and perform only what you know your body can bear. If you are not sure if you are exercising enough or too much, you can hire a trainer who will guide you.

Indeed, regular exercise is one way to maintain healthy skin, alongside a well balanced diet and a good skin care regimen. Therefore, it would be a good idea to allot at least 15 minutes each day for exercise.